Friday, 28 November 2014


Here it is!
I was kindly sent a copy of the Alphabet book, which I produced an image for (Y) this week.  The book, and related exhibition, were masterminded by Barbapop and Salade de Fruits Jolie Jolie, and the book can be found HERE.

It's a really FUN and colourful object, with contributions from:
A : Camille Lavaud
B: Gaëlle Loth
C: Anna Haifisch
D: Marie Caudry
E: Craig Atkinson
F: Jad Fair
G: Camille Louzon
H: Evelyne Postic
I: Aisha Franz
J: Maria Luque
K: Lilas
L: Soya le Gato
M: Ron Rege Jr
N: Anouk Ricard
O: M.J.Choi 
P: Hector de la Vallée
Q: Martha Verschaffel
R: Jeong Hwa Min
S: Inma Lorente
T: Charline Collette
U: Akvilé Magicdust
V: Amélie Fontaine
W: Caroline Paquita
X: Félicité Landrivon
Y: Esther McManus
Z: Kinrisu

Lots of nice photos of the exhibition, Brouhaha, can be seen HERE.

And a big version of my 'Y' can be seen HERE:


Things have been busy this month - busy and good!  But I have neglected you, dear diary.  Let's get reacquainted.

We all had a mega time at the DIY Art Market, thanks Mark Farhall:

Thanks to neighbours Eleni Kalorkoti and Alessandra Genualdo, for your inspirational presence and boss work.

It was quite a thrill to go to Three Letter Words at The Rochelle School too - what a collection of work.  Adrenaline all over the place.  Cheers TiPiTin for taking along The Elder to add to the mix.  Personally, I was quite made up to talk to Kate Morrell, because she is amazing.

I had a great few days at UCA Farnham getting stuck in with the Illustration Course's new riso machine - it's a beaut!  The students made some impressive comics anthologies in the scantest whisper of time - a true achievement. 

What else?  I'm sending some prints and comics to the impressive Flying Circus Small Press Bookstore in Bari, Italy, which will be open throughout December.  The work they already have there, and the workshop program on offer looks really exciting, I wish I could visit and join in! 

I've also been doing some drawings for Secret Club's winter show, and a new French Alphabet book, but they will require more space, dear diary, so I will end this entry

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Plains blend into the frozen sea

Plant life grows very slowly, which makes them small and rock hard.  Fungi can easily be mistaken for stones

In winter a fog of colourful light moves close to the ground
In summer, dark shapes form in the sky, making strange shadows on the ground