Sunday, 11 January 2015


Happy New Year.
It's gonna be good.

So: a roundup of news.I'll be at the Leeds Print Festival on the 24th January - more info HERE.  This year I'm taking part in the festival exhibition, as well as the Print Fair on the 24th, which is really swell.  Last year's event was amazing, so I have every reason to believe it will be A LOT of fun.

I am seriously looking forward to going all the way to France at the end of the month for comics-crazy Angouleme festival.  Never having been before, it is impossible to prepare myself for the amount of excitement I might experience... I daresay I will jabber a lot about it on my return.

And GOOD NEWS - I'm going to be travelling all the way to Switzerland in March to take part in Lucerne's Fumetto festival!  Adam and I will be there on the weekend of 14th-15th March in the Small Press Heaven section, and cannot wait :-)

I've updated my Etsy big style, and will be sending out loads of printed odds and sods with every order this month - visit it HERE!  Hopefully this month I'll be able to announce some new stockists too, so more news on that soon.

Stay tranquil, planet Earth, and enjoy your new year to the fullest,


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