Sunday, 20 April 2014


This weekend sees the first outing of Press Up, an exciting new event in Oxford, UK.  Masterminded by the great people at The Well-Met Press, the day is set to be something special and different.

Press Up is an exploration of the DIY culture of zines and self-publishing.  Bringing together an eclectic mix of small run and hand printed publications, it will celebrate the subcultures, oddities and creativity that artists and writers print and bind into physical objects.

Press Up will encourage sitting down and flicking through; taking time out to appreciate printed pages and the ideas on them.

Press Up will show local outputs as well as zines from further afield, showcasing the potential of printing and self-publishing. It will also operate as a pop-up shop, where everything will be for sale, a potential of tabletop discovery and ownership of artists work.

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