Monday, 2 June 2014


Adam's masterwork:

If we cannot recognise our own given natures and the natural world as setting any limit at all upon the desires that we contemplate taking seriously; if we will not listen to the anticipations and suspicions of the artefactual conception of human beings that sound in half-forgotten moral denunciations of the impulse to see people or human beings as things, as tools, as bearers of military numerals, as cannon-fodder or as fungibles...then what will befall us?  Will a new disquiet assail our desires themselves, in a world no less denuded of meaning by our sense of our own omnipotence than ravaged by our self-righteous insatiability? 

Also this week:

Whereas sight situations the observer outside what he views, sound pours into the hearer... When I hear, I gather sound simultaneously from every direction at once; I am at the center of my auditory world, which envelops me, establishing me at the core of sensation and experience. 

Eating, resting, moving, experiencing the weather, are primary experiences of being embodied; to view them as negative is to condemn biology and the life of the senses - severing human perception, expectation and action from the organic world in which our bodies exist.   Alienation from nature is usually depicted as estrangement from natural spaces.  But the sensing, breathing, living, moving body can be a primary experience of nature too: new technologies and spaces can bring about alienation from both body and space.

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