Monday, 23 June 2014


So you are another lover of the out-of-doors who desires a cabin or shelter in the woods!  I salute you.  I understand you.  I know your kind.  You carry the spirit of our ancestors.  The spirit of the Great Out Doors.

Our cabin in the woods should be built where there is quiet, where housework can be reduced to a minimum, where our time may be given over to the perusal of a few chosen books, where reflection may have its full sway, where one may be carefree in the great outdoors.

This idea may provide a means of escape from the reality and tension of city life.  It may prove a step forward and upward in the fulfillment of your life's ambitions. 

You may be crowded with work in town, but this should be your rest-cure, your re-creating.  Don't spoil it by city-driving standards.  Set your own standards.


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