Friday, 28 November 2014


Here it is!
I was kindly sent a copy of the Alphabet book, which I produced an image for (Y) this week.  The book, and related exhibition, were masterminded by Barbapop and Salade de Fruits Jolie Jolie, and the book can be found HERE.

It's a really FUN and colourful object, with contributions from:
A : Camille Lavaud
B: Gaëlle Loth
C: Anna Haifisch
D: Marie Caudry
E: Craig Atkinson
F: Jad Fair
G: Camille Louzon
H: Evelyne Postic
I: Aisha Franz
J: Maria Luque
K: Lilas
L: Soya le Gato
M: Ron Rege Jr
N: Anouk Ricard
O: M.J.Choi 
P: Hector de la Vallée
Q: Martha Verschaffel
R: Jeong Hwa Min
S: Inma Lorente
T: Charline Collette
U: Akvilé Magicdust
V: Amélie Fontaine
W: Caroline Paquita
X: Félicité Landrivon
Y: Esther McManus
Z: Kinrisu

Lots of nice photos of the exhibition, Brouhaha, can be seen HERE.

And a big version of my 'Y' can be seen HERE:

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